Our Affiliate Program

Refer your network, Receive commissions

EngineeringTrainer Affiliate Program

Terms of service


EngineeringTrainer awards its relations and customers with a revenue share when they inform their network and colleagues about our platform.

How it works

After signing up for the program you will receive a unique URL-link which guides people towards EngineeringTrainer.com. You can share this link in emails, intranet-posts, social-posts, blogs, or any other method. If people decide to purchase a course online, after clicking your link, you will be awarded 10% of the full purchase amount! The sum of your revenue share will be paid into your bank account on a quarterly basis.

All information about your clicks, shares, and payments will be available in your Affiliate dashboard. In this dashboard, you will also find banner-images you can use if desired.

Note that your participation in the program will have to be approved by our team after your sign-up. This typically takes roughly 1 business day.

Commission Details

1) Commission amount: 10% of purchase value

2) Applicable purchases/products: Online purchases made directly on EngineeringTrainer.com 

Instructors and Content Partners only receive commissions on courses not owned by them.

3) Cookie duration: 30 days

When traffic is directed to EngineeringTrainer.com through your link a cookie will be placed in their browser. When a purchase is made this cookie informs out about the origin of the customer and which affiliate to reward. If people purchase through other devices or remove their cookies the tracking is lost and no rewards are shared. Purchases will have to be made within 30 days after cookie placement for the affiliate to receive a commission.

4) Last/first link-rules: Last

If traffic finds their way to EngineeringTrainer.com multiple times, through different affiliate partner links, the first cookie will be overwritten by the last and the last affiliate partner receives the reward. This incentivizes our partners to aim for high conversion through their link.

5) Affiliate Out-Payments: Quartely

6) Out-Payment options: PayPal or IBAN

The EngineeringTrainer Affiliate Program is subject to regular evaluations. EngineeringTrainer has the right to change the Program conditions at any time, of which affiliates will be informed by email.

Last updated: 1 October 2020