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Create momentum with your course

As a technical specialist, you want to pass on your knowledge onto the next generation. You want to share your enthusiasm to younger engineers.

But you don't want the hassle of video editing, building the associated websites and online learning platform, or learning how to set up a good online course in the first place.

That is why EngineeringTrainer takes care of all these things, so you can focus on teaching en creating training content.

Collaborate with our team of production professionals and share your expertise with the world.

Instructors focus on the content, we do the rest

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No IT effort required to realize great courses

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Drip Schedules allowing Modern Learning Experiences

Increase the reach of your training

The platform where engineers & companies come for training.

Enabling you to service your own customers.

Dedicated sales, marketing & existing userbase to find new customers.

Platform proposition allows for Enterprise deals with industry majors.

Production support services

Course Design

  • Curriculum optimization

  • Livestreams, Q&A's, podcasts & promotional events

  • Do's and Don't for teaching


  • Video-editing & animation

  • Hardware for home recording

  • Studio use (Utrecht, NL)

  • Subtitling & translation

  • Multi-languagge naration


  • Slide & visuals design

  • Exercise templates

  • Brandeed/white-label

"EngineeringTrainer enables us to realise proper online learning experiences for our own customers while also reaching new participants and companies around the world."

Niels Bos

Dynaflow Research Group

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