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Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU)

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About the course

  Self-paced course

   4 modules


  5 hrs of content

   1-year access



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Meet your instructor

Instructor Ir. Geert Peeks

Ir. Geert Peeks

former Department Head, NEM Industrial & Utility Boilers

Mechanical, PED, Pressure Vessels

Frank Bos, PhD

Project Engineer, Dynaflow Research group

Mechanical, Piping, FEA, CFD

Luuk Hennen, MSc

Training Coordinator & Engineer, EngineeringTrainer

Online Training, Piping, Pressure Vessels

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Program & Details

  1. Welcome to the course

  2. Introducing your instructors

  3. Content overview

  4. How to use this course

  5. Personal Certificate requirements

  1. Scope & Context of the Pressure Equipment Directive

  2. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  3. Download the PED

  4. PED document overview

  5. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  6. Flowchart PED

  7. Determining the fluid group

  8. Determining the equipment type

  9. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  10. Selecting your Annex II graph

  11. Determining the Equipment Risk Catogory

  12. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  1. Sound Engineering Practice

  2. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  3. Introduction to Conformity Assessment Procedures (C.A.P.)

  4. Summary of C.A.P.s

  5. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  6. Essential Safety Requirements

  7. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  1. Hydrotest Pressures

  2. Material Compliance

  3. Quiz: Rapid fire questions

  4. PED Checklist

Case A: Pressure vessel - Exercise
Case A: Pressure vessel - Answers & discussions 
Case B: Piping system - Exercise
Case B: Piping system - Answers & discussions
Case C: Heat exchanger - Exercise
Case C: Heat exchanger - Answers & discussions


This training answers questions like…

  • What is the Pressure Equipment Directive?

  • When should it be applied? 

  • How can I find the lawful requirements for my project?

  • How do design codes relate to the PED and are there any differences?

  • and many more.

You will…

  • understand when the PED applies and how it relates to design codes. 

  • be able to use the PED to find the correct Conformity Assessment 

  • Procedure and be familiar with their content 
    also, understand the Essential Safety Requirements and terms like “Sound Engineering Practice”.

Course Objectives

  • The main objective of this training is to provide a solid understanding of the PED and allow participants to properly execute projects that fall under this piece of legislation. 

  • A secondary objective is to make sure that participants are able to align system designs with the PED for their project.

  • After this course you will also find it much easier to read the PED document when your project requires you to, thereby saving valuable time.

Who should attend this course

All people involved in the production, trade or operation of pressurized systems for use in the European Economic Area.

Prerequisites: A basic understanding of the design process of pressurized systems is beneficial but not mandatory.

Level: Intermediate

Access to the course.

Once your purchase is confirmed you receive an account to the EngineeringTrainer online learning portal, where you find the course in your dashboard. After opening the course you will be guided step-by-step through the different modules. You receive 1-year unlimited access to the course. This allows you to perform modules again if this is beneficial for your work projects.

Learn by doing.

The course is mainly based on video lectures and exercises. English subtitles are available and videos can be viewed as many times as desired. The video lectures help you to grasp the important concepts and after each section a quiz with Rapid Fire Questions needs to be answered to help you think about different topics and to optimize your learning curve.

Case study exercises are available that require you to apply the PED regulations to different situations. These are provided in the form of .pdf-documents with instructions and related questions. At the end of each exercise a video is available that discusses and answers the exercise.

This course is self-paced and is not subject to specific dates. The course contains 4 modules with a total of 5 hours of content which can be performed at your own pace. A Personal Certificate will be provided to you if you finish the course within the first month after purchase. This incentive will motivate you to perform the course quickly thereby improving your learning curve.

You receive 1-year unlimited access to all 4 modules. This allows you to perform modules again whenever you want to refresh knowledge for your daily work projects.

A personal digital certificate will be made available to participants based on the following requirement:

  • Finish the course within the first month after purchase. This incentive will motivate you to perform the course quickly thereby improving your learning curve.

Example Certificate:


  • Video lectures

  • Multiple choice questions that help understand technical concepts

  • PDF-document exercises

  • Video demonstrations of the exercises (including discussions of the relevant topics)

 Exercise files can be downloaded, these can include .pdf files with the exercise questions, software models or other file types. Videos will not be available for download, but can be accessed directly with your account on the portal. If slides are used in the videos or live sessions these can be viewed separately as well through the portal, but are not available for download. You receive 6-months unlimited access to the course. This allows you to watch content again if this is beneficial for your work projects.

We encourage participants to submit feedback and questions. These form the basis for new, future videos that will be added to the online course, but they will not be answered to the student directly.

Participants receive 1-year unlimited access to the course including new videos that are added during this year. Participants receive an email notification upon addition of new course videos.

No software is used for this course.

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