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The EngineeringTrainer learning platform provides all aspects you need to educate your engineering department.

Our wide ranging portfolio and accredited learning environment is optimized to service the needs of the engineer, their team leader and associated L&D Coordinators.
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Reduce Training Costs & Impact on Productivity

Our live and self-paced online learning formats allows company to reduce training costs while significantly increasing value-for-money.

Your personnel will be able to educate themselves without travel costs, at any time during their work-days or off-days and at any location, thereby minimizing the impact on their work productivity.

Avoid skill-gaps & maximize employee retention

Having experienced team members retire and reducing time-to-autonomy of younger engineers can be challenging.  

Our teaching dynamics allow your engineering staff not only to solve technical challenged at hand, but also thrive as an engineering professional. And our dashboards help your L&D team to avoid costly skill-gaps.

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Database of High Value Courses

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EN 13445 Design Code

Instructor: Daniel van Baalen, MSc
Discipline: Pressure Vessels
Level: Intermediate

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Pipe Stress Fundamentals

Instructor: Sondre Luca Helgesen
Discipline: Piping
Level: Foundations

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

NozzlePRO Essentials

Instructor: Frank Bos, PhD
Discipline: FEA
Level: Intermediate

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PED 2014/68/EU Training 

Instructor: Geert Peeks
Discipline: Pressure Vessels, Piping
Level: Foundations

Training by Industry Leaders

Our courses are developed together with seasoned SMEs and industry leaders within their field.

These are either individuals or companies with a strong track-record and authorities within their field.

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What our users are saying

Marvin Arts Vicenç Valeria
Subsea System Engineer

''An extremely positive, useful and refresher training material. I would strongly recommend it to all young and "brownfield" engineers (as myself).''

 - Water Hammer Phenomena in Industrial Piping Systems -

Marvin Arts Sandra Haze
Piping Stress Engineer

''This is about the best introductory course I've ever taken. The approach and the visual aids used to instruct the course are extraordinary and the instructor's knowledge of the concepts and technical details of Pipe Stress are well demonstrated. I would love to have future training from this instructor. Thanks for this opportunity.''

 - Pipe Stress Engineering Fundamentals -

Marvin Arts Gerard Noel
Design Engineer I

''As a starting pipe stress engineer, I've learned a lot of valuable concepts. This course not only teaches how to do the calculations, but also details the concepts and theory behind them.''

 - FEPipe Fundamentals -

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Connect with us   and let one of our specialists
help you find the best solution for your company.

Extensive Dashboard to manage L&D

Our platform not only provides value to the engineers but also services the needs of L&D coordinators and department managers.

Our dashboards allow for direct allocation of courses to team members, minimum administrative effort and data insights to optimize up-skilling in your organization.

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Optional Branded Learning Portal

Company Account holders can use our innovative LMS for additional learning materials and training courses next to the EngineeringTrainer portfolio.

This creates one platform for employees to receive their training and provides the required infrastructure for internal training courses. And of course everything will be branded according your company style.

Utilize our Course Production Services

Enterprise Customers receive direct access to our production staff, studios and expertise, allowing them to build new digital learning material with their internal SMEs.

Building such high-quality content is an important driver for student engagement.

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Ask for our Pilot Program

Want to test our training platform for your company? Join for our Pilot Program.
Companies join our platform to receive unlimited access to high value online courses for their engineering staff. Thereby up-skilling their personnel, avoiding skill-gaps in teams and reducing time-to-autonomy.

To gain insight in how your engineering staff uses our platform we offer to run an initial pilot. This allows you and your engineering departments to get to know our portfolio, receive feedback from your employees, understand the possibilities and start exploring the value of an integrated learning-on-the-job platform.  And the beauty is, joining the Pilot Program can be done in a matter of days.

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Connect with us and let one of our specialists
help you find the best approach for your company.