Key Takeaways

  • Performing Finite Element Analysis as per ASME VIII division 2 chapter 5 "Design by Analysis".

  • Being able to use the different Stress Classifications required by the code.

  • Knowing the details of the failure modes that are assessed by the code.

  • Understanding the required stress conformity checks.

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    Dynaflow Research Group

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    Online Course

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    2 hr

Course Description

During this course you will learn to understand the use of FEA as per the ASME VIII division 2. Chapter 5 of the division 2 code is called "Design by Analysis" and allows the designer to assess the design by means of Finite Element Techniques. In this course the general approach for using FEA techniques for ASME VIII assessments are discussed. You will learn how the stresses are defined and how to perform stress classification from your FEA results as is required to perform the necessary stress conformity checks.

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  • 1
    FEA as per ASME VIII Division 2
    • 4.5 - Exercise: Stress Classification

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