Design of Concrete and Steel Structures

    Design of Concrete and Steel Structures


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    Dr Mohammed A. El-Reedy

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    "To explain how to design concrete and steel structures for the oil and gas, power generation and petrochemical industries." 

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    Steel and concrete structures are present all around an industrial site, and need to be designed for load magnitudes that are often unique to that location. For example, the foundations of rotating equipment need to be designed for a given soil type and to avoid resonance. Whilst pipe racks need to be designed economically to withstand a specified blast load.

    This instructor led virtual course teaches participants the calculation methods for sizing reinforced concrete used for the foundations of tanks and towers, and rotating equipment. The sizing and dimensioning of steel constructions such as pipe racks and buildings will be explained, with the focus of how to design them for blast loads. Practical examples form a key component of the course.

    The course typically takes place across 5 training days. All sessions will be live sessions with the instructor, and on each topic there will be an extensive workshop where participants will immediately put the skills they have learnt into practice with assistance of the instructor.

    This training course is available as a company in-house training only; there is a choice between an online training or an onsite training. All training materials will be available through your EngineeringTrainer account.

    After the course you maintain 1-year unlimited access to the course material. This allows you to perform modules again when you need to refresh the knowledge for your projects. 

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    Meet your instructor

    Dr Mohamed A. El-Reedy  

    Consultant Engineer

    Structural engineering consultancy and training

    Program & Details

    1. Load calculation for a pipe rack

    2. Wind load calculation

    3. Seismic load calculation

    4. Example of designing a pipe rack

    1. Overview steel storage tank design according to API 650

    2. Design of steel storage tank foundations

    3. Concrete storage tank design

    4. Ring beam design for the foundation under a tank

    5. Design of the foundation under a horizontal vessel (e.g. Separator or heat exchanger)

    6. Foundation of vertical vessels and towers

    7. Anchor bolt design guide

    1. Types of machines and resulting vibrations

    2. Dynamic analysis principal

    3. Design of the foundation

    4. Selection of the isolation

    5. Geotechnical aspect of the design

    6. Example of a centrifugal machine foundation

    7. Example of a reciprocating machine foundation

    1. Principal of blast load resistance

    2. Dynamic analysis for blast loads on a building

    3. Calculation of the blast load

    4. The plasticity method with ductility criteria

    5. Example of blast resistance for concrete structure

    1. Example of blast resistance for a reinforced concrete building

    2. Building foundation design under blast load

    3. Example of blast resistance for a building with a steel structure


    After this course, you...  

    • know the approach and calculation methods to design a pipe rack

    • can design the foundation for towers, and the foundation for pressure vessels such as a separator and KOD (Knock Out Drum)

    • understand how to design the foundation for rotating machinery so as to avoid resonance effects

    • are able to accommodate vibration loads in the design of steel decks

    • have seen how to design concrete tanks and the foundations of steel storage tanks

    • can design buildings and structures for a given blast load

    Who should attend this course:

    • This course is aimed at all those involved in the design of structures and foundations; both structural engineers and civil engineers. 


    • No specific prerequisites.

    • An affinity with concrete and steel in engineering is beneficial

    Level:  Intermediate

    Live sessions
    This course consists of instructor-led group sessions, these group sessions can be Virtual or Onsite. During these sessions participants can ask questions to the instructor which are discussed, as well as questions submitted beforehand in the learning portal.

    After each live session used slides and exercise documents are made available to participants on the learning portal, and if the course is virtual then a recording of the course can be made available in the learning portal.

    You receive 1-year unlimited access to the course. This allows you to watch content again if this is beneficial for your daily work activities.

    The live sessions are scheduled together with the customer and are private for their team only. 

    On a training day the scheduling would typically be:

    • Session 1: 1hr 30

    • Session 2: 1hr 30

    • Session 3: 1hr

    After the course participants receive 1-year unlimited access to all course content including recordings of the live sessions. This allows them to watch videos or recording live sessions again whenever required to refresh knowledge for daily work activities.

    A personal digital certificate will be made available to each participant upon full attendance.

    Example Certificate:

    Example Certificate of Completion


     Live sessions

    Instructor-led group sessions are provided to your team, these can be either Virtual or Onsite. Recordings of the live sessions (virtual option) and related training content are provided through our online portal. During each session, participants can ask questions to the instructor which are be discussed.

    After each live session the recording of that session, used slides and exercise documents are made available to participants to view again.

    Exercise files can be downloaded, these can include .pdf files with the exercise questions or other file types. Videos will not be available for download, but can be accessed directly with your account on the portal. If slides are used in the videos or live sessions these can be viewed separately as well through the portal, but are not available for download.

    You receive 12-months unlimited access to the course, this allows you to watch content again if this is beneficial for your work projects.

    Yes, the live sessions allow you to interact with the instructor and ask questions. Additionally, questions can be submitted in the learning portal by the participants which are addressed in the live sessions.

    No software licenses are provided as part of this course.

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