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Dr. Ove Bratland

Consultant Trainer in Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance, Multiphase flow, Upstream


About Dr Ove Bratland

Dr. Ove Bratland was awarded his PhD from the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1985. He has since worked in the petroleum industry as lecturer, manager and consultant, mostly in projects in Europe and Asia. His technical qualifications cover a broad range of skills, including hydraulics and pneumatics, pipe flow with special emphasis on flow assurance, flow measurement, dynamic simulations, software development, dynamic system analysis and automation. He has worked hands-on with most systems common to the upstream petroleum industry, particularly those found on oil rigs and subsea in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea.

Courses by Dr Ove Bratland

Managing Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas Production

In-Company Training
5 Days
Dr Ove Bratland