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Jose San Leandro

Owner and Lead Software Developer

Wind Turbines, User Interfaces, Control

About Jose San Leandro

Jose is the author of the Automated Control Systems (ACM) Wind Energy software suite. The development of this software started in the early 2000’s based on a request from Navantia (a Spanish shipbuilder and offshore contractor), who were at the time supplying wind turbines, for a software tool to assist in training the maintenance personal. 

A key component of the ACM software is the simulation of a wind turbine controller. In 2005 Jose developed a commercial controller for the wind turbines from Navantia. Jose subsequently replicated this controller as software, and a HIL (Hardware in Loop) test was done with a mock-up nacelle and a mock-up electrical grid interface. Here the mock-up electrical grid interface was a significant step, and Jose was able to prove the robustness of the software controller used in ACM across the full range of exceptional and failure scenarios.

Jose has a background in computer science and as part of his study developed a Geographic Information System (GIS). This software was then taken over by AG Software and Jose worked as Director of the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the Spanish division of AG Software.

Jose regularly gives online and live training courses in the ACM software suite, and is passionate about giving maintenance personnel the educational tools to help them perform their work safely and efficiently.

Courses by Jose San Leandro

Wind Turbine Operation and Maintenance

800.00 €
Virtual Instructor Led
3 Days
Jose San Leandro