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Mike Lureman

Retired Senior Mechanical Engineer   

Plant Layout Design, Mechanical Engineering, Piping

About Mike Lureman

A retired Senior Mechanical Engineer, Mike is specialized in the fields of plant layout design and pipe stress engineering. For the majority of his professional career Mike worked at Shell Global Solutions. In his various roles there, he provided advice to Shell and non-Shell customers in the fields of piping design, pipe stress and piping layout matters. Additionally he was responsible for maintaining the Shell standard Design and Engineering Practices in piping.

Mike is an experienced trainer, regularly giving courses on piping and plant layout during his time at Shell. A key focus of these courses was to provide engineers with rules and good practices for the design of master plans and plant layouts. Although Mike is currently retired, he still provides these courses.

Courses by Mike

Practical Guide to Plant Layout

€ 120.00
3 Modules
Mike Lureman

Pipe Supporting: a Practical Guide

€ 150.00
4 Lessons
Mike Lureman