We believe that the value of online teaching...

  • ...lays not in trying to replace classroom teaching,

  • ...but in supplementing it in the right way,

  • ...while making technical trainings available for a large global audience.

How we service our customers

  • High Quality Courses for Engineers

    We help companies cost-effectively expand the training products for their engineers with a large volume of content, including self-pased courses, tutorials, demonstrations, live sessions like Q&A sessions with SME's, learning tracks for building expertise, etc.

  • Manager Dashboard & Features

    Additional to guiding users we facilitate informational dashboards for team managers or HR departments. This allows for appointing relevant courses if a new project starts, classroom course schedules, viewing team progress, sharing notes, having internal discussions, etc.

  • Optimizing Technical Skill Development

    Because of rapid technological development skill development is more often considered a primary business process of technical companies. We provide relevant data to optimize skill development and avaid skill gaps in your company.

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How we support trainers

  • Blended Learning Features

    By using our blended learning options you optimize your classroom experience and stay connected with your students. Include update courses, Q&A's on customer request, repetition modules, etc.

  • Content Production Support

    How do you make online learning content that engages engineers? We facilitate trainers in converting classroom courses to quality online content and in producing new modules.

  • Customer Support & Loyalty

    By adding memberships for cross-selling options like software update agreements you add value to your customer while enabling direct contact through our platform to offer help, thereby reducing support stress.

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Company Background

EngineeringTrainer was founded by a group of mechanical engineers working as consultants for the heavy industry. They concluded that the classroom course formats that they provided on a regular basis did not always meet the needs of customers worldwide. It became clear they were missing out on digital opportunities, while at the same time being unable to find a proper outlet for online learning products that provides direct market access targeting engineers in heavy industries. By studying elearning markets in other sectors it became apparent that centralized learning platforms are required to meet the needs of corporate customers and that digital learning will have ever more impact as new generations leave the educational system while high numbers of experienced personnel retire.

Based on these insights EngineeringTrainer was founded to make a difference...

Company Background