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A Skill Building Platform  aligned with your organizational needs.
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Fully LMS Integratable

EngineeringTrainer is fully integratable with your L&D processes 
 allowing smooth operations, data insights and easy access.






Single Sign-on

Customized to your L&D Processes

Competency Mapping

Track Progress & Skills

Valuable insights for you and team leaders. 

Expand Internal Offering

Allowing engineers to learn about what's keeping them awake. 

Learning Paths

Organized to optimize personal growth. 

Competency Mapping

Join with our team to better understand skills and skill-gaps. 

L&D Operations

Select preferred invoicing methods

Single invoicing, monthly payment, credit allocation, etc.

Enrolment requests & approval

Direct approval requests from learners to team leaders.

Direct Access for Engineers

Waiting for payment is frustrating for engineers that need skills.

Multi-level budgetting

 Allocate budgets to entire companies, teams and individuals.

Accelerate your company's Engineering Talent
Learn how EngineeringTrainer is designed to reduce time-to-seniority.

Select the best fit for your company:

Option 1
Use the Admin Dashboard on EngineeringTrainer.com.

Option 2
Integrate into your existing LMS.

Option 3
Receive your own branded duplicate of our LMS.

Curious about the platform?
Luuk or any other specialist in our team will be happy to demonstrate and help you find the best option for your organization.


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Let's test the waters and see how your team members and employees use the platform. Our pilot options are ideal make the first step towards benefiting from our platform.