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An image of Luuk during the production of a course.

Instructors focus on content,

we do the rest....

As a passionate instructor, you want to pass on your knowledge to fellow engineers. You want to give others the skills to grow in their careers. 

But you don't want the hassle of video editing, building the associated websites and online learning platforms, or the marketing and sales. 

That is why EngineeringTrainer takes care of all these things, so you can focus on teaching and creating training content.

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Curious about the possibilities?

Richard, our Content Director, or another member of our production team, is ready to explore the options.

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Audio and Visual Expertise

The quality of the audio and visual aids is vital when producing training courses which engage and enthuse audiences.

As an instructor you want to focus on the content, whilst being confident that the audio is crisp and the resolution of your visual aids supports your learning message.

Come and use our fully equipped studio in the Netherlands, or let us advise you on the best hardware, acoustic and lighting setups for your recording elsewhere.

A laptop showcasing the education platform of EngineeringTrainer.
An image of one of our livestreams with instructor Sondre.

Bringing across your knowledge

Let us find a format for your training course that best fits with your style. How to display your training? What is the best mix of instructor and visual content?

What about adding animations, sketches and graphics, quizzes, interactive questions, and Q and A sessions to emphasise the key learning outcomes?

Our production team, as learning enthusiasts, are ready to review and assist in optimising your curriculum

Instructors focus on the content, we do the rest

An instructor and a course presentation.
An image of our instructor Mr. Geert.
A presentation with a webcam.