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"Our latest project involved materials I never used before. Thanks to I was able to upskill myself within 2 days, even before the project started!"

William Martinez - Junior Mechanical Engineer at EPCm

"When starting a new technical project it's great to be able to quickly learn about the important concepts first such that I am fully aware of the technical landscape of all parties involved."

Siti Nurul Hasan - Project Manager

Have everyone speak the same language and grow technical awareness

1. Optimize communication with vendors, clients and departments.

Our courses are designed to provide a broad context for multidisciplinary project engineers, juniors and specialists of relevant technical concepts. Avoid misunderstandings that lead to costly errors, and have people ask the right questions in discussions between departments, with clients, or vendors.

2. Create awareness of technical know-how and compliance requirements.

Being aware of technical and compliance requirements is relevant for all members involved in a project. Understanding the main legislative and design challenges, makes sure no critical corners are cut at any stage of work and builds a common responsibility to reach compliance.

3. Free up valuable time from Senior Staff.

Facilitate your junior personnel to work autonomously, thereby reducing the support load on Senior staff. This reduces the dependancy on seniors, while enhancing the depth of conversations between colleagues if the basics can be skipped and newly learned insights brought to the table. Reducing the time seniors have to spend explaining the basics to junior colleagues means they free up time to push work or have deep dive conversations.

Additionally, reducing time-to-seniority reduces the challenging, industry wide, skill-gaps.


4. Have your engineers understand the calculation behind the software.

Project time pressure can lead to "button pushing" of technical software without a full comprehension of the calculations done in the background. As a result limitations can be overlooked and results interpreted incorrectly. Having to-the-point learning opportunities available enables people to advance technical understanding while chasing work deadlines. Avoid costly mistakes by providing the best Skill Building Platform for your technical teams.

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