Soil Pipe Interaction

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Mick Bouman, M.Sc.

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What you'll learn

Analysing a buried piping network? This module will teach you the Soil Mechanics relevant for buried piping.

In this on-demand module, participants will be taken through:

  • Lateral Soil Resistance, both passive and active,

  • the "wedge effect" caused by lateral loads,

  • the lateral soil equations,

  • Vertical Soil Resistance and its derivation,

  • the calculation of the Axial Soil Resistance,

  • soil pipe stiffness relationships,

  • soil implementation in piping stress models,

  • Longitudinal Stresses and virtual anchor length,

  • exercise to define your own soil properties.

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About the author

Mick Bouman, MSc

Project Manager, Dynaflow Research Group

Mechanical, Piping, FEA, Flow

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  • Those performing piping flexibility studies for buried piping systems.

  • Those wanting to understand how the soil resistances in each direction can be calculated.

  • Those wanting to improve their understanding of soil mechanics relevant for buried piping.

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