Factors that Impact on Metal Fatigue Life

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Johannes Homan, M.Sc.

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What you'll learn

Want to improve your understanding of metal fatigue? In this module the key factors that impact fatigue life are explained.

In this on-demand module, participants will be taken through:

  • the difference metals such as steel, titanium and aluminium in terms of fatigue limit,

  • the relationship between fatigue limit and tensile strength,

  • how to improve the material from the perspective of fatigue life,

  • the impact of mean stress on the fatigue life, using calculation methods such as from Schütz, Goodman and Gerber,

  • how the mean stress impacts the S-N curve,

  • the effect of component dimensions and the stress gradient,

  • the effect of loading in bending, tension-compression and shear on the S-N curve.

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About the author

Johannes Homan, MSc

Fatigue & Damage Tolerance Specialist 

Fatigue Expert, Material Developer & Expert

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  • Those wanting to expand their understanding of metal fatigue.

  • Those wanting to understand the underlying theory which is often not explained in the design standards.

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