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Automated Computer Machinery

ACM SL develops and provides technical support for education material based on software simulators for different industrial sectors, and since 2001 has been involved in the Wind Energy sector. ACM offers their “Wind Farm Simulator” line of Real Time Simulators and Tutorials for Wind Turbine technologies and Wind Farm SCADA systems, as well as specialized training support.

In addition to this ACM has proven experience in the development of Instrumentation and Control devices, and develops and manufactures specialized hardware tailored to specific tasks, such as “Condition Monitoring systems“, dataloggers, test jigs.


ACM Instructors

Jose San Leandro

Owner and Lead Software Developer 

Wind Turbines, User Interfaces, Control

Courses by ACM

Wind Turbines Operation and Maintenance

€ 800.00
Virtual Instructor Led
3 Days
Jose San Leandro