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Shervin Maleki

Structural Integrity Consultant

Structural Integrity Assessment, Mechanical Behaviour Analysis


About Shervin Maleki

Dr. Shervin Maleki, an accomplished Mechanical Engineer with a PhD from Imperial College London, is a recognized authority in structural integrity assessment and mechanical behaviour analysis. With a research focus on Creep Crack Growth Assessment, Dr. Maleki possesses a wealth of expertise accumulated through extensive academic pursuits and real-world applications.

Having steered the Asset and Fracture Integrity Group at TWI Ltd, Dr. Maleki led pioneering efforts in ensuring the resilience and reliability of critical assets across diverse industries. Transitioning to the role of Director of Global Development at TWI, he played a pivotal role in orchestrating comprehensive training and education programs, empowering thousands of professionals globally with industry-leading insights and essential skills.

Dr. Maleki extends his influence beyond organisational realms as a distinguished member of the API Committee, contributing to shaping and refining industry standards in asset and structural integrity assessment.

Furthermore, he actively participates in molding future talent as a key member of the Advisory Panel for Energy and Utility at the Institute of Apprenticeships. Through this commitment, he helps shape educational pathways and industry-relevant curricula to cultivate a skilled workforce aligned with industry demand.

Courses by  Shervin Maleki

Fitness for Service Assessment According to API 579-1/ASME FFS-1

26hr Content
Shervin Maleki