MG Technical Solutions

At MG Technical Solutions we support our industrial clients in solving mechanical engineering problems with state-of-the-art simulation techniques.

We support our clients with product development, improving production methods and understanding the effect of the production process. Using computer simulation of production processes we solve mechanical, thermal and coupled structure-fluid problems before they occur. This results in a significant cost reduction and a shortened time-to-market. Frequently we perform analyses which have never been performed.

We strive to the highest quality, which is achieved using experienced and highly educated specialists. These specialists, excel in knowledge of their field, in common sense and professionalism. That is why we claim: "If we cannot do it, it is not possible". 

MG Technical Solutions Instructors

Mart Heerschap

Director MG Technical Solutions bv.

Senior Consultant in FEA,  FEA Trainer   

Courses by MG Technical Solutions

Fatigue Analysis and FEA

€ 1500.00
Virtual Instructor Led
5 Sessions
Johannes Homan, MSc & 
Fatec Engineering

FEA Validation: How to review an FEA study

Virtual or Classroom
Upon Request
24hr Content
Custom Scheduling
Mart Heerschap