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    Grow Employee Loyalty 
    through a Culture of Learning.

    Keep technical staff engaged
    and take ownership of their growth.

Meeting the expectations
of a new generation of engineers

  • User-centric learning 

    The new generation of young engineers entering the professional workspace brings with them a distinct perspective on learning compared to their senior counterpart, as they are less confined to traditional learning methods. Their thirst for personal development, coupled with their expectations for high-quality, inspiring content and interactive experiences, is propelling the professional education landscape towards dynamic and user-centric methodologies. Quality content is demanded that goes beyond mere information.

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    Our methods & approach 

    EngineeringTrainer is dedicated to meeting the needs of this modern era by providing high-quality, authentic, and engaging training to empower both individuals and their organization. Our user-friendly platform offers flexible and accessible training, allowing professionals to learn at their own pace and interact with instructors as they see fit.

Engage your Engineering Teams

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    Employee Loyalty
    through Learning

    Employees who are given the right learning opportunities are 1.5 times more likely to stay with their company for at least three years. By investing in employees' growth, companies can create a more engaged and productive workforce that is more likely to stay with the company for the longer-term.

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    Spark technical

    Spark discussions between colleagues based on technical training. Enhance internal knowledge sharing with background training available to all. Driving conversations is key to growing a Culture of Learning. Having colleagues recommend training resources creates an additional spark to learn.

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    Inspire with
    internal knowledge

    Partner with us to combat knowledge drain by recording your internal technical know-how into high-quality, concise courses exclusively available for your team. Collaborate with our production team to record internal training sessions with soon-to-retire staff, ensuring their expertise can be leveraged by others.

What our users are saying

  • "Our latest project involved materials I never used before. Thanks to I was able to upskill myself within 2 days, even before the project started!"

    William Martinez - Junior Mechanical Engineer at EPCm

  • "When starting a new technical project it's great to be able to quickly learn about the important concepts first such that I am fully aware of the technical landscape of all parties involved."

    Siti Nurul Hasan - Project Manager

  • " It's difficult to find a course that covers the practical application of field data for pipe stress assessment. This course does an excellent job of doing just that. ''

    Course: Performing Vibration Measurements for Pipe Stress Assessment

    Snr. Consultant - Matrix Technologies, US

  • This is the most complete Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Engineering for Piping Systems training on the market and is current with the latest version of the ISO 14692 code."

    Course:  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Engineering for Piping Systems

    Piping Engineer - Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, US

  • Even though I was quite familiar with Fluidflow-software to begin with, I learned some interesting new features and got some great tips that will surely help me in the future projects.

    Course:  FluidFlow Foundations I - Liquid Module

    Consulting Engineer - Elomatic Oy, Finland

  • This is a great introductory course for new hire engineers and piping designers who are interested in reviewing and learning about the fundamentals of pipe stress.

    Course:  Pipe Stress Foundation

     Mechanical Engineer - TCO, Kazachstan

  • Through this course, I've gained a firm knowledge base essential for further development in the FEA field.

    Course:  Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Essentials


     Senior Project Engineer -  Hitard Engineering, Serbia

  • This course is one of the best I have seen with a high content of information for pipe stress engineering , supported with references in codes and standards, and showing very clear examples.

    Course:   Introduction to Pipe Stress Engineering: Fundamentals 1


     Senior Project Engineer -  Hitard Engineering, Serbia

  • We're happy to find and utilize organizations like, Stressman Engineering, Dynaflow Research Group, and ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for affordable and high-quality courses to help accelerate our junior engineers to the next level.

    Course:  Introduction to Pipe Stress Engineering: Fundamentals 1

     COO -  Chapman Consultancy, US

  • A clear detailed course to learn how to execute a project in compliance with the PED using ASME standards.

    Course:  Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) compliance using harmonised and ASME standards


      Piping Material Specification Writer - Jacobs, US

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