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What our users are saying

  • "Our latest project involved materials I never used before. Thanks to I was able to upskill myself within 2 days, even before the project started!"

    William Martinez - Junior Mechanical Engineer at EPCm

  • "When starting a new technical project it's great to be able to quickly learn
    about the important concepts first such that I am fully aware of the technical
    landscape of all parties involved."

    Siti Nurul Hasan - Project Manager

  • " It's difficult to find a course that covers the practical application of field data for pipe stress assessment. This course does an excellent job of doing just that. ''

    Course: Performing Vibration Measurements for Pipe Stress Assessment

    Snr. Consultant - Matrix Technologies, US

  • This is the most complete Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Engineering for Piping Systems training on the market and is current with the latest version of the ISO 14692 code."

    Course:  Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Engineering for Piping Systems

    Piping Engineer - Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, US

  • Even though I was quite familiar with Fluidflow-software to begin with, I learned some interesting new features and got some great tips that will surely help me in the future projects.

    Course:  FluidFlow Foundations I - Liquid Module

    Consulting Engineer - Elomatic Oy, Finland

  • This is a great introductory course for new hire engineers and piping designers who are interested in reviewing and learning about the fundamentals of pipe stress.

    Course:  Pipe Stress Foundation

     Mechanical Engineer - TCO, Kazachstan

  • Through this course, I've gained a firm knowledge base essential for further development in the FEA field.

    Course:  Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Essentials


     Senior Project Engineer -  Hitard Engineering, Serbia

  • This course is one of the best I have seen with a high content of information for pipe stress engineering , supported with references in codes and standards, and showing very clear examples.

    Course:   Introduction to Pipe Stress Engineering: Fundamentals 1


     Senior Project Engineer -  Hitard Engineering, Serbia

  • We're happy to find and utilize organizations like, Stressman Engineering, Dynaflow Research Group, and ASME (The American Society of Mechanical Engineers) for affordable and high-quality courses to help accelerate our junior engineers to the next level.

    Course:  Introduction to Pipe Stress Engineering: Fundamentals 1

     COO -  Chapman Consultancy, US

  • A clear detailed course to learn how to execute a project in compliance with the PED using ASME standards.

    Course:  Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) compliance using harmonised and ASME standards


      Piping Material Specification Writer - Jacobs, US

    • Learning Paths designed for effective Skill Building

      Thoughtfully designed based on extensive industry experience, our Learning Paths facilitate a effective learning curve through a well-curated sequence of courses and materials. This structured approach ensures learners follow a clear progression, mastering new concepts in a format that is ideal to combine with everyday workload.

      Emphasizing "lessons learned" and "best practices," our Learning Paths equip engineers with real-world knowledge and enhance their engineering judgment. This efficient and rewarding journey empowers individuals to achieve their learning goals with confidence and competence.

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