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Dynaflow Research Group

Dynaflow Research Group specializes in the advanced end of the engineering spectrum. Our work often requires a multi-disciplinary approach encompassing the static and dynamic analysis of both fluids and gases, and mechanical components. 

We believe that we are at our best when creative thinking and a practical approach are required to tackle a problem.

   +31 (0)85 058 0046



 Top Instructors

Instructor Frank Bos, PhD

Project Manager

Instructor Edwin Schimmel, MSc

Project Engineer

Instructor Mick Bouman, MSc

Project Engineer

Stressman Engineering

Stressman Engineering is all about stress and the laws of physics. Ranging from simple hand calculations to advanced dynamic 3D finite element analyses, they get the job done efficiently and smoothly.

Stressman Engineering’s mission is to be your preferred supplier of numerical analyses. They are a one-stop-shop that can supply everything from simple hand calculations to complex fluid-structure analyses. A high level of knowledge combined with a passion for science makes them a powerful team.

   +47 901 85 676



Top Instructors

Instructor Sondre Luca Helgesen

CEO, owner and Senior Analyst

Instructor Juan Manuel Mendez Franco

COO,  President of The PSI Association 


saVRee exists to help people learn about the fascinating world of engineering. Since opening the website in 2017, they have helped over 25,000 online students increase their engineering knowledge. They have also helped their clients train thousands of their own trainees and apprentices, particularly in the Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Automotive, and Electrical Engineering industries.



Top Instructors

Instructor Jon Russell

Entrepreneur & Engineer

Paulin Research Group

Paulin Research Group ("PRG") provides FEA software products and consulting services to the pressure vessel and piping industries.  PRG's core software products - FEPipe™ and NozzlePRO™, enable pressure vessel and piping designers, engineers, and stress analysts with the ability to quickly and easily apply FEA technology to complex system components without having to become FEA experts. 

   +1 281 310 0852



Top Instructors


Enterfea is a team of passionate engineers.

For many years they have dealt with the most difficult engineering tasks, simply because they enjoy it. Thanks to their experience in design backed up with knowledge gained at work at Wrocław University of Science and Technology they are able to cope with any challenge.

   +48 78 154 39 57



Top Instructors

 Instructor Łukasz Skotny, PhD

Owner & Lead Designer


DOB-Academy offers offshore energy education for professionals. Our main focus lies in courses, ranging from entry to advanced level. Next to the curriculum, we also provide tailor-made courses. Furthermore, to enhance knowledge-sharing, we organise seminars and offer the possibility to host and cater offshore events in our conference rooms. Our historic building also includes an in-house studio where high-quality videos are designed and produced for educational and promotional purposes in the offshore industry.  

   +31 (0)15 24 00 555



Top Courses

Top Instructors

 Instructor Niels Diepeveen, PhD

Niels Diepeveen, PhD

Project Engineer

 Instructor Thijs Kamphuis, MSc

Thijs Kamphuis, MSc

Course coordinator & Project Engineer

Fatec Engineering

Fatec Engineering is a Dutch company, established in 1996 by Johannes Homan. Fatec Engineering provides advice, support and training in the field of fatigue and structural integrity. Fatec Engineering is active in aerospace, rail and road transport, offshore, maritime and mechanical engineering.

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Top Instructors

 Instructor Niels Diepeveen, PhD

Johannes Homan

Fatigue Expert



Numikon is specialized in general mechanical calculations of process equipment and components, project engineering of process and power plants, pipe stress analysis, pressure vessel calculations, and mechanical calculations of generators.

   +385 (1) 6448000



Top Instructors

 Instructor Thijs Kamphuis, MSc

Zdravko Ivančić, MEng

CEO at Numikon


Veritas is a consultancy bureau focused on inspection, and the auditing of procedures for maintenance, inspection and technical testing in the field of pressure vessels, piping and plant equipment. Veritas is an approved training provider of the API-U and all engineers from Veritas have a wide range of qualifications in welding, inspection and auditing.

   +387 65 910 471


Top Instructors

 Instructor Niels Diepeveen, PhD

Dr Igor Martic

API  Inspection Engineer

 Instructor Thijs Kamphuis, MSc

Dr Lazar Jeremić

Inspection Engineer


VibTech Ltd is a UK based company founded in 2012, providing engineering training, consultancy, products and services in relation to pipework vibration. “Our primary aim is to help engineers to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to reduce the risk of pipework vibration related incidents”

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Top Instructors

 Instructor Niels Diepeveen, PhD

Neil Parkinson

Trainer & Director at VibTech


Chempute was founded in 1986 with the goal of providing engineering design software the chemical process industry. Over time our range of software has expanded to cover Chemical, Mechanical, CAD and Instrumentation Engineering. Software products available cover all aspects of engineering design in the Oil and Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Pulp and Paper, Sugar, Water Treatment, Speciality Chemicals Industries as well as many others.

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Top Instructors

 Instructor Niels Diepeveen, PhD

Alan Stewart

Mechanical Engineer


ACM SL develops and provides technical support for education material based on software simulators for different industrial sectors, and since 2001 has been involved in the Wind Energy sector. ACM offers their “Wind Farm Simulator” line of Real Time Simulators and Tutorials for Wind Turbine technologies and Wind Farm SCADA systems, as well as specialized training support.


Top Instructors

Jose San Leandro

Lead Software Developer

Kilbride Power

Kilbride Power is a leading management consulting firm specializing in the international High Voltage Power Sector. Our team of experts offers comprehensive services to clients in this sector, including auditing, training, advice, and guidance. We excel in various areas, such as EPC management with expertise in PRINCE2 Project Management, ensuring compliance with IEC 61936-1 for High Voltage Installations, managing and operating HV Installations in accordance with EN 50110-1, facilitating High Voltage Grid Connections, optimizing organizational structure and efficiency, driving business development strategies, and streamlining the High Voltage Supply Chain.

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Top Instructors

Padraig Plunkett

Engineering Consultant for HV Infrastructure

Oilcon, Oil & Enegy Consulting  

Oilcon Oil&Energy Consulting was founded in 2016 as an independent consulting company. It provides consulting support in business and technical development designed for the oil and gas industry and related businesses; industrial and independent laboratories, and government and NGO bodies. It provides tailor-made solutions using proven, project management-based tools and methodologies and is focused on sustainable results.

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Top Instructors

Sanda Telen, PhD

Managing Director and Founder

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