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Are you an engineering expert or specialist company that is already selling online courses or wants to get started? Partner with us to get fully facilitated and fast market access. We allow you to focus on content and student interaction while we focus on sales and customer needs. Need help or guidance for your content production? No problem!

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By combining content from different experts we increase the value for corporate engineering teams.

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Companies seeking technical training for engineers to know where to find us. That's our mission. Join us and make sure they find your products too!

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We are here to facilitate backend infrastructure, market access, and sales. Your content stays yours. 

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EngineeringTrainer applies a fee after which revenue is provided to our partners. 

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Receive an admin account to our user-friendly system for all your student enrollments, content management, etc. 

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Show yourself to engineers worldwide. Our system gives you insight into who is interested in your content. 

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Combining courses from different specialists allows for new company-wide sales approaches.

American EPC wants its engineers to improve time-to-autonomy.

A company account is purchased at EngineeringTrainer

Engineers learn, discuss, grow & receive certification

Managers have insight and control employee development

Revenue is shared amongst trainers

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