• Intended for

    Users of BOSpulse, those interested in using BOSpulse and engineers involved in API618 and API674 pulsation analyses.

  • Prerequisites

    Basic knowledge of flow analysis is not required but beneficial.

  • Course Highlights

    Explanation of all of the features of BOSpulse. Numerous practical examples to gain proficiency in using BOSpulse. Step by step explanation to conducting API pulsation studies. Theoretical background to acoustics in a piping system.

  • Duration

    8 hours

Provided by

Dynaflow Research Group

BOSpulse makes it possible to investigate the impact of the pulsations due to reciprocating pumps and compressors. The built in-code compliance assessments make it easy for the engineer to check for conformance with API618 or API674. In the case of excessive pressures, BOSpulse makes it simple for the user to evaluate solutions, such as compression dampeners or bottles, so as to reduce the amplitude of any excessive pulsations.

This training course is intended for engineers involved in the design of the piping upstream or downstream of a compressor or pump.
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This course is currently in production

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