Topics Include

- Stress definitions in piping,
- Defining main stress components,
- Introduction to Mohr's Circle,
- Failure criteria used for compliance checks,
- Deduction of stress equations used in the ASME B31.3 Piping Design Code.

"This course should be mandatory for all pipe stress engineers."
Topics Include

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • 1.1 - Welcome to the course
    • 1.2 - How to use this course
  • 2
    Fundamentals - Part I
    • 1.1 - Stress directions in piping
    • 2.2 - A pressurized cylinder
    • 2.2a- Rapid fire questions
    • 2.3 - Radial stress
    • 2.4 - Forces & moments on piping
    • 2.4a - Rapid fire questions
  • 3
    Fundamentals - Part II
    • 2.5 - Stress vs. strain
    • 2.5a - Rapid fire questions
    • 2.6 - Mohr's circle & principle stresses
    • 2.6a - Rapid fire questions
    • 2.7 - Stress failure criteria: Von Misses, Tresca & Rankine
    • 2.8 - Defining stress as per the ASME B31.3 design code
  • 4
    Final Notes
    • 3.1 - Congratulations!

Course Details

  • Course Description

    The Pipe Stress Engineering course is designed to teach piping professionals the ins and outs of stress analysis of piping systems.

    This first module, named "Fundamentals" focusses on the very basics of pipe stress analysis. It is explained what stress in piping is and what directions are relevant and what consideration should be made. Building on these basics it is then explained how compliance checks for pipe stress analysis are formed based on failure criteria (such as Tresca ). Finally, the equation for the displacement stress range, SE, as per the ASME B31.3 design code, is deduced.

  • Target Audience

    This course is meant for professionals that want to strengthen their knowledge about industrial piping system, both those working (or going to work) directly as a pipe stress engineer as those that want a good understanding of the concepts for related job-functions.

  • Duration

    ~1.5 hours

  • Format

    Online self-paced course based on videos and exercises.

  • Required Software


Trainers & partners

  • Luuk Hennen, M.Sc.

    Luuk Hennen, M.Sc.

    Training Coordinator

    After working as an engineering consultant in the Oil&Gas industry for 6+ years, Luuk became head of production at EngineeringTrainer where he realizes high-end online courses for engineering professionals. He holds a master's degree in Applied Physics from the Eindhoven University of Technology. As an engineer, Luuk worked on a multitude of projects related to Pipe Stress Engineering for both static and dynamic loading conditions, Transient Flow-calculations (surge/water hammer), the design, installation supervision and quality inspection of Fiberglass Reinforced Piping (FRP) systems and Finite Element Analysis of heat exchangers and pressure vessels. During these years Luuk quickly became a trainer on the topics of EN13480, EN13445, CaesarII, FRP Engineering and more.

    Luuk's experience in engineering combined with his passion for teaching enables you to get the most out of this course.
  • Dynaflow Research Group

    Dynaflow Research Group

    Production Partner

    Dynaflow Research Group is a firm which specializes in the advanced end of the engineering spectrum. Our work often requires a multi-disciplinary approach: encompassing the static and dynamic analysis of both fluids and gases, and mechanical components. We believe that we are at our best when creative thinking and a practical approach are required to tackle a problem.


  • Can I ask questions to the trainer?

    We encourage participants to submit feedback and questions. These form the basis for new future videos that will be added to the online courses, but they will not be answered to the student directly. Participants receive an email notification when new videos are added to the course.

  • Do I need access to pipe stress software?

    No, this module teaches you the backgrounds of different aspects relevant to pipe stress engineering. Training on certain pieces of software are part of other modules.

  • Will I get a certificate for this course?

    No certificates are provided for this specific module. Follow up modules are currently in production and certificates will be provided once a full set of modules is finished.

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