Pipe Stress Fundamentals

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Luuk Hennen, MSc

Course Objective

“To teach those involved with piping systems the basics of material stresses and stress compliance checks in piping systems.” 

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About the course

  FREE Self-paced course

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  1.5 hrs duration

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Course Program:  

  1. Stress directions  in piping

  2. pressurized cylinder

  3. Radial  Stress

  4. Forces &  Moments  on piping

  5. Stress versus strain

  6. Mohr’s circle  & principal stresses

  7. Stress  failure criteria : Von Misses, Tresca & Rankine

  8. Pipe stress as per the  ASME B31.3  design code

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This course is meant for professionals that want to strengthen their knowledge about industrial piping system, both those working (or going to work) directly as a pipe stress engineer as those that want a good understanding of the concepts for related job-functions.

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Luuk Hennen, MSc

Training Coordinator & Engineer, EngineeringTrainer

Online Training, Piping, Pressure Vessels

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Questions ? Contact us

Training Coordinator & Engineer, Luuk Hennen Luuk Hennen    
Training Coordinator


   +31 (0)85 058 0051
        Monday - Friday, 9am-6pm CEST