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Andy Mellor

Managing Director

Machinery Troubleshooting, Condition Monitoring, Maintenance Management Consultancy, In-Situ balancing, Industrial reliability Improvement.


About Andy Mellor

Andy Mellor BEng. MSc. Managing Director, Pragmatic Maintenance and Reliability, started his Condition Monitoring journey as a sponsored student with British Steel Research in 1986. From 1989 to 1993 he was a research engineer, evaluating and applying monitoring technologies in the UK steel industry, including the use of Acoustic Emission for the offline monitoring of work roll bearings. Moving to Teesside Works in 1994 he implemented vibration monitoring across all departments of the works and allied sites. In 1998 he joined AV Technology. After spending a year at Humber refinery as interim technical specialist, where he managed the re-instatement of a centralised monitoring team, he rose to become a Senior Consultant, diagnosing problems with and providing in-situ balancing services for offshore Oil and Gas compressors and generation sets, as well as troubleshooting a variety of onshore machinery. 

Leaving AVT in 2010 he founded Pragmatic Maintenance and Reliability, initially working on a Freelance basis, solving vibration problems in the UK North Sea, offshore West Africa and the Arabian Gulf, leading the implementation of a Condition Monitoring programme across the Seafield and Almond Valley sewage works and balancing one of the 787 tonne Flywheel Generators at the UKAEA’s Culham JET Fusion site.

This training course was born out of his Master’s Thesis, which won Manchester Universities Maintenance Engineering and Asset Management’s course prize in 2008 and has since been successfully delivered in a range of industrial contexts from paper to metals and food to defence.

Andy is an ISO certified Cat IV Vibration analyst and has extensive practical experience of Thermography, Oil Analysis, Passive Ultrasound, Acoustic Emission and Motor Current Signature Analysis.

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