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TAPS provides independent consultancy services for Process Automation projects of all types; such as IACS Replacement, OT-Cybersecurity, Custody Transfer, and Metering. The strength of TAPS is at the start of an industrial project when often an unbiased view without preferred vendors or approaches can be taken.

Specifically for OT-Cybersecurity TAPS can advise on the development and implementation, such as the SOC including next-generation SIEM, Firewall Management System, CMDB implementation. TAPS is experienced in explaining the challenges and the justification, either as a training course or a consultancy project, for OT-Cybersecurity projects at all levels up to and including Senior Management.



TAPS Instructors

Ted Angevaare

Process Automation Expert and Owner of TAPS

OT Cybersecurity, Process Automation

Courses by TAPS

Industrial Automation System Architecture and OT Cybersecurity

Virtual or Classroom upon request
8hr training
Ted Angevaare

Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Industrial Systems

Virtual or Classroom upon request
1/2 day training
Ted Angevaare

OT Cybersecurity Awareness Training

On-demand Course
2hr 2mins

Ted Angevaare