Design of Offshore Structures

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Dr Mohammed A. El-Reedy

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Course Objective

To explain the design, installation and maintenance of offshore structures, and how the loads and seabed geology lead to a given configuration.

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The offshore environment places unique demands on the design and analysis of offshore structures; wave mechanics, corrosion, seabed geology, installation at sea and inspection offshore. The aim of this course is to provide the participants with a complete and up-to-date overview of offshore structures engineering in general and steel jackets in particular, using case studies to highlight the topics discussed.

This course takes participants through the stages in the design of a fixed offshore structure. The impact of loadout, sea fastening and installation, upon the loads and thus the design explained. The selection of the proper configuration and layout of the platform will be illustrated, and how to perform a structural analysis upon this, including the pushover method. The construction and repair of the mature structure is covered, including under water inspection and the implementation of an offshore structural integrity management system.

The course typically takes place across 5 training days. All sessions will be live sessions with the instructor, and on each topic there will be an extensive workshop where participants will immediately put the skills they have learnt into practice with assistance of the instructor.

This training course is available as a company in-house training only; there is a choice between an online training or an onsite training. All training materials will be available through your EngineeringTrainer account.

After the course you maintain 1-year unlimited access to the course material. This allows you to perform modules again when you need to refresh the knowledge for your projects.


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Meet your instructors


Dr Mohamed A. El-Reedy  

Consultant Engineer

Structural engineering consultancy and training


Program & Details

  1. Types of Offshore Structures with illustrated videos and animations

  2. Project and engineering management for the offshore projects

  3. Design Parameters, Standards & Specifications

  4. General Considerations for Design

  5. ISO and API design codes

  6. Standard & Special Steels

  7. Material selections

  8. Cost optimization by design

  9. Loads Effects on Offshore Structures

  10. Decks and jacket structure system

  1. Offshore Site Investigations

  2. Meteorological & Oceanographically Data

  3. Wave Theories

  4. Wind & Wave Forces

  5. Buoyancy and Stability

  6. Introduction for Subsea structures facilities

  7. New technology for material of Surface and subsurface Structures

  8. Calculation for metocean data

  9. Member design under hydrostatic pressure

  10. Example of member design

  11. Boat landing design

  12. Helipad design

  13. Aluminum helipad

  1. Geotechnical Engineering for Offshore Structures

  2. Offshore Pile Design approach

  3. Design of Axially Loaded Piles

  4. Design of Laterally Loaded Piles

  5. Concept of Design by Computer (SACS, SESAM, etc.)

  6. Bottom stability analysis with example

  7. Topsides and Jacket Designs

  8. Optimum Platform Configurations

  9. Design of Tubular Members & Tubular Joints

  10. Steel deck design under vibrating machine

  11. Concepts of Dynamic Analysis

  1. Maintenance plan

  2. Under water inspection technique

  3. Aging platform pile analysis

  4. Repair of jacket: Case study

  5. Flare Repair structure: Case study

  6. FRP for offshore structure

  7. Composite repair method

  1. Risk based inspection

  2. Offshore structure reliability

  3. Structure integrity methodology

  4. Pushover analysis

  5. Fatigue analysis

  6. Methods of analysis for aging structure as API SIMS


After this course, you...

  • have a sound understanding of the design procedure for the topsides and jackets of offshore structures

  • can calculate the loads on the structure and how they affect the structure
  • have seen the how the behaviour of the structure is influenced by its interaction with the soil
  • have a good overview of how sea fastening, transportation and installation influence the design chocies
  • understand how to perform a fatigue and dynamic analysis for an offshore structure
  • have seen how an integrity management system is setup for a fleet of offshore platforms

Who should attend this course

This course is aimed at all those involved in the design of offshore structures; both structural engineers and civil engineers.


  • No specific prerequisites.

  • An affinity with the offshore industry is beneficial

Level: Intermediate

Live sessions

This course consists of instructor-led group sessions, these group sessions can be Virtual or Onsite. During these sessions participants can ask questions to the instructor which are discussed, as well as questions submitted beforehand in the learning portal.

After each live session used slides and exercise documents are made available to participants on the learning portal.

Please note that for privacy reasons no recordings of the live sessions are made or provided.

You receive 1-year unlimited access to the course. This allows you to watch content again if this is beneficial for your daily work activities.

Dates & Schedules

The live sessions are scheduled together with the customers and are distributed as 5x 4hrs of instructor-led training.

A personal digital certificate will be made available to each participant upon full attendance.

Example Certificate:


This course consists of instructor-led live sessions which consist of presentations, demonstrations and discussions of questions. During each live session participants can ask questions to the instructor (through chat or microphone) which will be answered.

Please note that for privacy reasons no recordings of the live sessions are made or provided.

The training material used in the live sessions, for example the slides or exercises, will be available in the EngineeringTrainer portal for a year after the date of the training allowing you to refresh your knowledge or review material if needed. 

No, course content is not available for download.

The training material used in the sessions, for example the slides or exercises, will be available in the EngineeringTrainer portal for a year after the date of the training allowing you to refresh your knowledge or review material if needed. 

Please note that for privacy reasons no recordings of the live sessions are made or provided. 

Yes, interactive Q&A sessions are part of the live sessions in this course and allow you to interact with the instructor and ask questions.

To respect the privacy of the participants the live sessions will not be recorded, and as such the live sessions cannot be played back. Therefore it is important for all participants to block the time slots of the live sessions in their calendars and be present. 

No software licenses are provided as part of this course. 

Yes, this course qualifies for PDH hours as per the NCEES CPC Guidelines.

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