Acoustic Induced Vibrations (AIV)

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Wijnand Schoemakers, M.Sc.

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What you'll learn

Learn about the cause, analysis, and mitigation of Acoustically Induced Vibrations (AIV) in piping systems.

In this on-demand module, participants will be taken through: 

  • typical causes of AIV in piping systems,

  • the excitation of a piping system; resonance modes and peak stresses,

  • codes and guidelines for managing AIV,

  • analytical determination of AIV levels,

  • detailed analysis of AIV,

  • typical mitigation measures against AIV.

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About the author

Wijnand Schoemakers, MSc

Trainer at Dynaflow Research Group

Online training, Piping, Pulsations

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After your purchase is confirmed you receive an account to the EngineeringTrainer online learning portal, where you find the module in your dashboard. You receive 1-year unlimited access to the the training material which allows you to the review the material as required.

A personal digital badge will be made available to each participant upon successful completion.

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  • Those working on piping systems where AIV has been identified as a risk.

  • Those wanting to assess if AIV could be risk on their piping system.

  • Those wanting to understand the mechanism of how AIV occurs and how the possibility can be minimised.

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