Benefits of eLearning for Engineers
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In today’s rapidly progressing engineering landscape, there is an increasing obligation to, on a regular basis, transform and update the undergraduate educational experience from the old traditional curriculum in different subjects to a broader foundational experience for lifetime learning. A combination of the two most powerful things: Education and Technology, online learning are becoming more popular due to its effectiveness in helping engineers increase their knowledge. It is said that the ‘E’ in e-learning not only stands for electronic but also ease of use, effectiveness, extension, and engagement. “Think out of the box and create a learning experience where the learner can interact with the content and their brains” as stated by Rosalie Ledda Valdez, a senior learning specialist at HP and Associate Professor at the Open University of Catalunya. E-learning is also known as the future of learning which is carefully designed and is growing popular due to its increasing demand.


Time is priceless, and any good engineer would know its value. Hence, online access to learning content is preferred because it can save uptime. They prefer utilizing their free slots rather than taking out extra time for classes for example, during travel, breaks, and meals. It is said that e-learning reduces the impact on a person’s time by 60% as compared to traditional learning. Moreover, lessons are wrapped up easily and quickly enable fast learning. Learners can learn at pasts they are most comfortable with depending on their capacity. 


E-learning is affordable as compared to traditional learning. This is because online training through this method happens quickly and easily. Also, money is saved by avoiding travel and hotel costs. High-quality online courses provide cost-effective access to modern learning methods.


E-learning is an effective method for learning using limited resources. It also enhances the ability to learn and implement new procedures at the workplace due to new teaching methods with a high level of repetition and it contributes to lifetime learning. For global companies their engineers connect from all over the world; ideas are shared which leads to innovations. Additionally, this further allows them to gain global exposure and dealings with people. The method is promising and will enable engineers to gain effective knowledge in a relatively very short period.

44% of online learners reported improvements in their career, for example, by obtaining a full-time job within a year of graduation. Furthermore, almost 45% said it resulted in a salary increase.

Accommodating and Easily Accessible

Most engineers today tend to take up additional courses to increase their knowledge. While this is a great way to improve, it might not be convenient for them, usually because of their busy schedules. But with e-learning, education is easily accessible at homes or wherever they are at a given time. It helps them to take online courses depending on their comfort and availability, and they do not need to miss out on other job obligations. 

Updated and New Content

Another great benefit of this online learning culture is that it makes sure that the learners are up-to-date with modern learning methods which are almost a necessity for engineers in heavy industries.  This ensures them access new and updated content whenever they want it according to the prevailing circumstances and needs. For example, if they're going to work on a specific project, they could always take a relevant course according to the project requirements to increase their value.

Focused Learning

Studying online at their handiness allows them to worry less about class locations, choosing a course, or paying the fee. By taking an online course, they can focus on the subject they want to study and choose from a variety of online programs. This not only saves up time but also allows them to bury concepts into their minds and ensures lifetime learning. Also, by studying online, they can choose the learning format that works best for them. It also allows them to seek more interaction during classroom courses for which the basic presentations are viewed online prior or after, depending on the course setup, the classroom sessions.


E-learning enables instructors to get greater coverage to communicate the message probably to their audience. This ensures that all learners receive the same type of training with this method. Furthermore, engineers can also repeat the lectures if they missed out on anything and repeat their concepts at any time they want. This enables them to improve themselves in weak areas. For example, if they are working on a project and are unsure about a certain thing, they can always look up a lecture or demonstration online from their preferred subject matter expert.

Due to this wide set of benefits for engineers, e-learning is becoming quite popular and appreciated among engineers all over the world as they become familiar with its concept. It is a great learning method, inspired by technology that young engineers are used to growing up.

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