Why employee training & development is key for retention and recruitment
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As most HR managers already understand, attracting and retaining talent builds a strong workforce that becomes even more productive and valuable over time. High turnover is costly and slows down productivity. So, how can you attract new talent and keep them on for longer?

One of the best ways to recruit and retain employees is to offer on-the-job training. Employee training is especially important in engineering as the industry is constantly evolving with new technologies, standards, and best practices. If most jobs are significantly impacted by technology, every five years training is required at least that frequently to keep up.

Here’s how to use engineering training for recruitment and employment retention in your organization.

Employee engagement

How to use training to increase employee retention

It is almost always cheaper to train existing staff rather than hiring out new employees with needed skills. Plus, numerous studies have found that employee training is directly correlated with retention. This is because the training helps employees grow and thus have higher job satisfaction. As employees are equipped with relevant skills, they can also become eligible for promotion and leadership, which further enhances retention.

Finally, providing learning opportunities for employees shows that you care about them and their growth. Employees will be more engaged with companies that demonstrate an interest in them professionally. In fact, if companies do not offer training and development, employees are likely to leave. Several studies have found that up to 80% of Millennials and GenZs would leave a company if it doesn’t offer personal development. 

How to use training & development as recruiting tools

Recruitment is a difficult task these days, and you need to do all that you can to set your company apart from competitors. Offering training programs helps you attract new talent because top talent knows that learning and development are critical to their career success. Over half of Millennials, who currently make up the majority of the workforce, consider growth and learning as extremely important when applying for a job. 

Additionally, training can be a part of your employee onboarding. Offering employee onboarding training will ensure all new talent has at least the same basic understanding and will help them perform more effectively, quicker. An Oxford study found that it takes about 28 weeks for a new hire to reach their maximum productivity on a job. 

Offer remote, online employee training

When it comes to technical training and development, staying up to date is critical to keeping your workforce engaged and effective. But, it’s also critical to offer the right training which will challenge your workforce without overwhelming them and will use the most updated technologies and best practices. 

Where does EngineeringTrainer.com fit in all of this? Besides offering existing engineering training courses for companies and teams to attract and retain talented engineers, we also develop new technical training courses on demand. Whether your industry is oil and gas, piping, or fiberglass, we can service the need to establish a corporate learning portal for companies to help your engineers in their learning & development journey.

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