EngineeringTrainer TV: Starting with FEA projects - How to optimize your learning curve
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EngineeringTrainer-TV #6 – December 8, 4pm CET - Starting with FEA projects: How to optimize your learning curve

Using Finite Element Analysis for professional engineering projects requires a solid basis and a good understanding of typical project challenges. In this livestream, Łukasz Skotny from EnterFEA and host Luuk Hennen from discuss what topics and challenges Engineering Professionals and students should focus on to optimize their learning curve and reduce time-to-autonomy when working on FEA projects. 


  • Basic Engineering Knowledge Needed,

  • What FEA does, when you need it,

  • What to learn first, what to focus on, and what to ignore,

  • Why is it (extremely) important to have a good foundation when doing FEA,

  • Items to pay special attention to when doing your first FEA projects as a professional.

This livestream aims to provide guidance to Engineering Professionals and Students that start with FEA as part of their careers. 

To view the recording, click here.

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