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Ted Angevaare

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Course Objective
"To make participants aware of potential attacks on their industrial systems, the associated trends, legislation, the chance that they are impacted,
and what steps can be used to become more robust and resilient. 

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About the course


   2 modules

   122 mins


   1-year access


Industrial Automation is evolving and nowadays most companies use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) computer systems, networks, and cloud applications to optimize production, reduce costs, improve uptime, and improve Process Safety. This is called the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) or Industry 4.0 and has been embraced by many because of its advantages.

Unfortunately, Industry 4.0 also creates a huge disadvantage: the OT-Cybersecurity threat. Malware, ransomware, and other hacking software, have been developed to attack systems, databases, and other private and governmental networks to steal information, corrupt information, hurt networks or create physical destruction. The number of cyber threats and thereby the likelihood of being a victim is growing exponentially.

This awareness training course introduces participants to the OT-Cybersecurity threat. The 2-hour course is split into two parts, first, the background and risks are explained. In the second part, the participants are shown the different approaches an organization can take to protect itself, with a focus on the correct working structure.

After the course, you maintain 1-year unlimited access to the online course material, including any new course material. This allows you to perform modules again should you need to refresh your knowledge.

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Meet your instructor

Ted Angevaare

Process Automation Expert and Owner of TAPS

OT Cybersecurity, Process Automation

Program & Details

    1. Welcome to the course

    2. Your instructor

    3. How to use this course

    4. Q&A

    1. What is the OT Cybersecurity threat?

    2. How big is the issue in dollars?

    3. What are the trends of hacking and malware?

    4. What are the most successful attacks?

    5. What is happening in Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0?

    6. What is the chance that you are impacted by Malware or a Cyber-attack?

    7. What are Governments, EU, US and UK doing?

    A sample of the first module is available for free, so you can learn more about the teaching style and understand if the course fits your needs.


    1. What is the Industry doing?

    2. Why are End-users slowly moving to protect themselves from Cyberattacks and malware?

    3. Do End-Users require a new organisation?

    4. What is required before you start a Security project?

    5. How much should a company spend on Cybersecurity?

    6. How an OT Security Engineer can help

    7. Implementing less than the minimum or taking too long

    1. Congratulations

    2. Course evaluation survey

    3. Your Personal Certificate


    After this course, you...

    • have a solid overview of the subject OT-Cybersecurity (also called Industrial Cybersecurity), having seen the importance of the subject, both financially as well as the possible impact.

    • have been provided with a list and summary of the most successful attacks

    • understand how to comply to new legislation and new International Standards have seen how the Industry reacting and understand why is the Industry, in general, slowly reacting to the new threat. 

    • understand the justification to start a project to make a company more robust and resilient against Cyber Attacks, doing nothing is not an option. 

    • have seen how to change your organisation to support this new threat and how detail a job description with the responsibility for OT-Cybersecurity. 

    • have been taken through a checklist of what Managers and Decision Makers, and Engineers can do to support and help.

    Who should attend this course

    • Senior Managers and Decision Makers 

    • Process Automation Engineers of End-users 

    • IT Engineers and System Architects 

    • Operators of End-users 

    • Project Managers 

    • Cybersecurity Engineers 

    • Research Engineers of End-users 

    • Automation Engineers of Vendors 

    • Sales Engineers of Vendors

    • Prerequisites:

      • No experience is required, only a good understanding of your business and industry.

      Level: Beginner

    Access to the course. 
    After your purchase is confirmed it will be activated to your account on the EngineeringTrainer learning portal. Here you will find the course in your dashboard and you will be guided step-by-step through the different course modules. You receive 1-year unlimited access to the course. This allows you to perform modules again should you need to refresh your knowledge.

    Learn by doing.
    The course is based on video content with video lectures given by the instructor and quizzes to reinforce the learning outcomes. The videos can be viewed as many times as desired and these video lectures will help you to grasp the important concepts.

    This course is self-paced and is not subject to specific dates. The course contains  a total of 2 hours of content which can be performed at your own pace. A Personal Certificate will be provided to participants if they finish the course within the first month after purchase. This incentive will motivate you to perform the course quickly thereby improving your learning curve.

    You receive 1-year unlimited access to all content. This allows you to perform modules again whenever if you need to refresh knowledge for your daily work projects.

    A personal digital certificate will be made available to each participant upon full attendance.

    Example Certificate:


    • Video lectures

    • Exercises to reinforce the learning outcomes

    The majority of training material are videos. These are not available for download, but can be accessed directly with your account on the portal. 

    You receive 1-year unlimited access to the course. This allows you to watch content again if this is beneficial for your work projects.

    We encourage participants to submit feedback and questions. These form the basis for new, future videos that will be added to the online course, but they will not be answered to the student directly.

    Participants receive 1-year unlimited access to the course including new videos that are added during this year. Participants receive an email notification upon addition of new content.

    No technical software is used in this course.

    If your computer and internet connection are able to play videos on YouTube you will be able to participate in this course. The case study is partially based on pdf files which you should be able to open.

    Note that almost all browsers are supported, except for Internet Explorer.

    Yes, this course qualifies for PDH hours as per the NCEES CPC Guidelines.

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